If there’s one thing in your house that never sleeps or takes a break, it’s your electricity. 每一天的每一个小时, your electrical system works extremely hard to keep you and your family comfortable and safe at home. You might take it for granted since you’re used to the conveniences it provides daily. 仍然, 没有电, 你不能在冰箱里保存食物, 为你的家人做一顿热乎乎的饭, 洗衣服, 看电视, 或者使用许多其他你依赖的家用电器和设备. 

If you want to keep your electricity flowing freely and safely throughout your home, you must hire a licensed residential electrician for all the services you need. 幸运的是, it just so happens that your favorite comfort consultants at 棋牌电子游戏平台’s can provide top-notch electrical services throughout New Orleans and the surrounding communities.


我们熟练的团队可以处理您家中所有的电气需求, 从安装、维修到检查. 如果你在谷歌上搜索“我所在地区的专业电工”,“你不用再看了. 

If you need a reliable electrician in New Orleans, LA, contact us today to schedule an appointment. 我们致力于提供个性化的优质服务, 所以你可以指望我们为你的家供电!



Your electrical grid is powerful and dangerous enough to cause severe damage if left in the hands of an untrained, 未经许可的, 和不合格的技术员. That’s why we do not recommend homeowners taking on their own electrical 维修 when you can hire a 棋牌电子游戏平台’s technician for an incredibly affordable price instead. 

Throughout New Orleans, our electrical crew is held to the highest standards. We make our customers’ health and safety our top priorities, and this is reflected in our services. 棋牌电子游戏平台的, 你将只与经过培训的持牌技术人员打交道, 有经验的, 并且完全有资格处理所有类型的电气工作. We always take the utmost care to ensure that your home is safer than when we found it. 




我们知道升级你的电气系统是一件多么艰巨的事情, which is why our team of trusted residential electricians is here to help. 我们从1979年开始经营, providing top-quality electrical services to the residents of our local communities. 你需要新的断路器吗? 我们可以帮助你 电气面板安装 为您的电气设备提供服务和许多其他升级. 我们的 team of friendly professionals will provide the best solution for your home, 所以你可以放心,你的电力系统是在良好的手.

随着时间的推移,选择一个电工在新奥尔良, LA, 请放心,我们将帮助您找到最适合您家庭的解决方案. 我们力求根据您的需求提供个性化的服务, so you can rest assured knowing that your home is being cared for in the best way possible.


在路易斯安那州的一些地方,有一个 备用发电机 和冰箱一样重要吗. 一旦飓风季节来临, 几乎每个人都容易受到停电和电涌的影响. 而不是在没有电的情况下生活几个小时甚至几天, why not ride out the storm in the full comfort of your home by installing a 备用发电机?

基夫的是布里格斯 & 斯特拉顿认证经销商,所以我们能接触到一些最好的 国内发电机 在市场上. No matter what size home you own or how much electricity your family uses on a daily basis, we guarantee that we have a generator that can fulfill all of your needs at astonishingly affordable prices. Ask your 棋牌电子游戏平台’s technician for more information the next time they visit your home for electrical service.


Maintaining the electrical system in your home is important for the safety of your family. Electrical systems are delicate systems that sometimes require maintenance, 维修, 并升级以正确运行. Keeping up with the needs of your electrical system helps to ensure that it runs optimally, 减少火灾或电击等危险情况的风险. 幸运的是, you don’t have to look too far to find a dependable electrician in New Orleans, LA.


  • 及时服务: 当你打电话给我们的家庭电气承包商时, 你可以期待得到迅速而友好的回答. We understand that when you need electrical services, you need them right away. That’s why our certified electricians in New Orleans are dedicated to providing fast response times. 我们的团队希望确保您获得电气布线解决方案, 维修, 在你需要的时候提供维修服务.
  • 守时电工: 当你选择我们当地的电气承包商, 你可以相信我们会尽快送你回家. 我们的 New Orleans electricians understand that quality and punctuality are important, which is why we work hard to ensure that your service needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently. 
  • 专门的客户服务: 我们的客户服务团队致力于让您满意. 从我们接你电话的那一刻起,到我们挥手告别的那一刻, 我们把你的利益放在心上. 我们的目标是提供最优质的服务, and we’ll go above your expectations to ensure you’re happy with the results. 我们的 local electricians are committed to providing fast, friendly, and efficient service every time.


There are countless reasons why you should choose professional electricians for your electrical maintenance, 安装, 以及维修需求. For starters, electricity can be extremely hazardous when not handled appropriately. As an example, poorly wired outlets can trigger electrocutions, electrical fires, or even explosions. The danger inherent in residential electrical systems means you need an 有经验的 home electrician in New Orleans, LA, 经过必要的培训, 知识, 以及降低潜在风险的工具. 一个没有经验的电工可能会忽视问题或犯错误, 导致家中出现危险情况.

另外, skilled home electrical contractors will have up-to-date 知识 that they will use to guarantee your electrical system is in line with the latest standards. 所以当你雇佣一名合格的电工来做这项工作时, 你是在为他们为工作带来的技能和专业知识付费. A qualified electrician knows how to troubleshoot and fix the most challenging problems, 包括那些有电线的, 确保你的家在这个过程中保持安全. They also understand how electrical systems interrelate and can design the most suitable system that fits your needs.

Another noteworthy benefit of working with a professional electrician in New Orleans, LA, 从长远来看,这样做能节省你的时间和金钱吗. 例如, our experts can provide quick electrical troubleshooting services to solve issues promptly, which means you won’t have to spend time figuring out how to fix an electrical issue yourself. 也, our electricians in New Orleans can use their expertise to identify and prevent problems early on, 为你将来节省更多的维修费用.


Whether you’re experiencing technical difficulties from an outdated electrical panel or you need an electrical inspection for your new home, 你所要做的就是和基夫的电工预约一次维修. 我们的队伍受过处理各种电气装置的训练, 维修, 更换, 甚至还有日常的电气维护服务. We also strive to provide you with first-class customer service by respecting your time, 发挥我们的最佳水平, and not leaving until you’re 100% satisfied with our New Orleans electrical services. 

你有没有在网上搜索“我所在地区可靠的电工”?“我们是这项工作的最佳团队. 从快速的电气维修到全面的 电气面板安装我们可以处理好这一切. Contact us today to request an appointment and see what our local electrical contractors can do for your home! 我们的 服务领域 包括新奥尔良、洛杉矶和周边地区